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NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program

This unique benefit, independently underwritten by Phoenix Aviation Managers and administered by NationAir Aviation Insurance, is available exclusively to NBAA Members and offers a comprehensive, cost-effective approach to workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Policies cover everyone involved with a company’s flight operation—pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants and flight department managers. There are even provisions for contract pilots, contract flight attendants and contract crew.

The NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program features a variety of benefits, including:

  • Significantly reduced costs for workers’ compensation insurance
  • Opportunities to share in cash dividends—up to 20% based upon loss experience
  • Broad coverage designed around the needs of general aviation
  • Educational resources and consulting to maximize workplace safety
  • Backing for NBAA as it supports the business aviation community

Obtaining a Quote is Easy
If you already carry aviation insurance, even if it does not currently include workers’ compensation coverage, ask your broker to contact Phoenix Aviation Managers to get a quote on an NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program policy. If you do not have a relationship with a broker, NationAir Aviation Insurance can help you. It won’t take long and it could save you money.

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Insurance provided by Old Republic Insurance Company. Dividends are declared by Old Republic's board of directors and are dependent upon the group loss experience and therefore dividends cannot be guaranteed. Past dividend experience should not be used to predict future performance.